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Band Review

Shelter Dreams started in 2006 

and in the later years since starting making music there were a couple of musicians which play music with me in the band.

So here is the place I wanna say a big THANK YOU  to a few guys .....

for their support in the earlier years and it was a pleasure for me. Think we had much fun by playing together....


Michael Voss      Drummer 2006 

Willy    H.             Bass  2006

Ulli S.                    Leadguitar 2006     


Dany Berg           Vocal  2008     

Antonio P.             Drums  2008  

Carsten  Behr       Leadguitar    2011

Patrick                   Vocal             2010

Jörg Morbitzer     Leadguitar 2009 

Ralf Renno            Bass    2012       

Tobias Renno       Drums 2012

Reiner Gill             Leadguitar  2013