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Featured Band by Radio Positive Energie

RPE an Internet-Radio of special art.

The hosts of this Radio getting involved to support good unknown artists and give them an audience to getting heard. So they created a radio format "The RPE Featured Artists"

Then they are searching for....

In 2007 they found us and since that time  Shelter Dreams was a Featured Artist .. a Featured Band from "RPE"

The  music and musicians dedicated hosts moderate their broadcast, made a good entertainment and some having contact by Chat to the musicians, fans and their radio audience. So now... Shelter Dreams is for a long time a Featured Band and they presented our new CD  as first.

Meanwhile we have a good friendship to the hosts, a part of the audience, some other featured artists and people making this Radio.

We are united in loving music..

So the Band and especialy I say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people from Radio Positive Energie.. Thank You All for all the years and trustiness and promoting ... play our songs .. so that our songs getting heard.

Especialy Thx  Chrissie Rosenberg-Thomann

(as Head of Featured Artist promotion..)

and all the other hosts from RPE

Jay Dee