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Origin: Düsseldorf / Germany

Genres:  Classic Rock Hard Rock Funk


Years Active:  2007- Present


Label: Housemaster Record

Website: www.shelterdreamsband,com

Short Bio

Founded in 2006 from JayDee.

Singer & songwriter from Shelter Dreams

 Play Rythm & Leadguitar ; & Bluesharp

Started with a cover from David Munyons "Maybe over the border"

Released the CD "Dreamin" in January 2017.


REPRESENTATION & some Law Information

Label: Housemaster - Records


Management: Jay Dee & Shelter Dreams

Booking: Jay Dee

PR: Jay Dee

You can hear our songs on our website in fully length.

Even look the Video from Dreamin. & hear the song.

We set the video on Youtube on the Channel of shelterdreamsband.

We set it the digital ways and give the CD to Amazon or CD Baby.

Please do not copy the songs  to set it on Youtube or other similar sides.

 We  give no permission for anybody to copying  and no authorization to set in any sozial network side!

Jay Dee & Shelter Dreams (c)  All rights reserved.

Labelcode: LC 05699 - Housemaster Records

GEMA Listed

(c) Amazon,CD Baby,Youtube,Housemaster Records, GEMA are protected Trademarks.  Fotos on the CD and the Layout made by Christian Bühner., Tenerife and Fotos and Videos in the Video from Dreamin made by Jay Dee/Shelter Dreams or FOTOLIA (c)

You want to buy a CD..

Order for a CD in Jewelcase here..

We send you a CD in a Jewelcase directly from Germany

Please give us your order by mail beside and write us your

adress we have to deliver to.

You can pay by Paypal or pay € 10,00 / $10,60 /  GBP 8,50 and the postage to:

Leowald/Shelter Dreams

IBAN : DE91300700240651661100


Postage US & World 4.- €  = Complete 14,00 € /  14,80 $  / 11,90 GBP.

Germany complete =  12,00 €

Thank you for your order & enjoy our music!

Order here your CD in Jewelcase

costs 10,00€ & postage *