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Hi folks, my name is Jay Dee  and I am a Singer/Songwriter & play guitar and  blues harp.  My Band`s name is Shelter Dreams.   A German Rockband and I founded the Band  2006 ..

It is Guitar-Riff based Classic Rock; a bit hard; ;a bit bluesy, a bit funky.. hope you`ll like my stuff.

Ok `Band`s base was  for years Düsseldorf in Germany,

Meanwhile I´m living on the Island Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz:

 As Band  I started with friendly musicians in 2006 by playin some Coversongs. .

Specialy recorded a version from "May be over the border" from David Munyon. David was so kind to allow us to cover his song , playing in our own style. Even published a CD .. but I didn`t forced it....

David`s commend by hearing the song was "sounds great".

I said  "Thx David."   To honour David , a real great Songwriter, I placed the Record from 2007 on the new CD and on my Website. Even some more songs were written in 2007

"Mean Baby"  a Blues-Funk Song and "Goin Down" .in Classic Rock Style.

For GIGS some friendly musicians give me their support.


The Band played the songs on CD Live - Direct.  That means it is not a Studio Projekt. You hear and feel the dynamic of my  live playing Band. Of course, to get a good quality of the sound I  gave the songs to an Audio Studio.  They made a fine job by Mixing and Mastering the songs in their  studio on Tenerife / Spain. Even had a good time together . Guys, thanks a lot for that! It sounds!!



If you like you can hear our songs with the "Musicplayer" on the "SHOP" Site. We set it so that you can hear the songs in full length...as much often you want to. 

But I would even be glad when you use my offer to buy the CD hardcase. Be shure ist´s a real beautiful Cover and CD imprint . you will enjoy to put this sometime with your hand ;-) in your CD Player!!  Classic Rock  - Classic Play :-) Even it`s sounds great. Or..ok.. load it into your own playlist from your music- player



At last ..folks.... hope you`ll like it.......


Jay Dee

Meanwhile we get some nice reviews about  the CD from Germany and the USA.(Press&Blogs)

I am Just happy about that kind reviews.

It totally turn me up when the guy from the rock-music newsletter wrote:

"The Song MEAN BABY is just definitely one of the best Rock Songs in 2017."

So what more can I say... as Thanks!

And what more can I do .. as making my music ....ENJOY !!



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