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June 12, 2017

Hello folks just have some news for you.

Actually we get some CD Reviews from Rock Magazins or Blogs.

and we are happy about this cause we got a definitive reference for our music.

So is one review from the rock.-music-newsletter.de about the song MEAN BABY:

"It is shurely just now one of the best Rock Songs of the year 2017

Hey man... thx!

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New CD - Release January 2017

Hello & Welcome on Shelter Dreams Site

 Wish you enjoy some information about my music,

 by clicking through....

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CD Release 02/2017

Included ....   "MEAN BABY" 


CD REVIEW 6/2017  from "Rock.music-newsletter" Germany.  Content:  Mean Baby is definitely one of the best Rocksongs in 2017 ...

" you get 44 minutes a hot and fucking good mix of music. Heavy Blues and Hard Rock with elementary Funk elements enriched. The first highligt is "Not Enough" ! - Next: "Goin Down" ..this song will stay in your pocket all day and it is topped by "Mean baby" , and this is another real hot racker...

still yet and definitely one of the best Rock Songs of the year 2017  !

CD REVIEW 6/2017 from "Gashouse Radio" (USA)


 ..Morbitzer plays some fine guitar on the Dreamin CD....Morbitzer and Jay Dee ..they are a german band with a lot of heart and soul put into their Rocknroll numbers. But those fine guitar lines deserve as much praise as the songwriting and all other parts laid down as well...

the last track.. that´s put the icing on the proverbial cake of a first effort by this german duo (Shelter Dreams Band)...

  Here you can




  Razorfishreviews Blog  (USA)   



  Gashouseradio   (USA)